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Lambda and my piece, Erika. Together, we waved Umineko's 5th game.

Isn't it good? At the end, you were able to meet your brother.

Boredom is the only poison that can kill us




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Bernkastel sat alone in the wide room. There was just a elegant chair, which was occupied by her. However, she wasn't truly alone.
You were there. And them as well.
"The nature of a human is really complicated. You understand, right? They hurt each other for no reason, yet they can't stand being hurt. Those are the reasons many tragedies occur. And also part of the reason we witches are born. I too, am the same. Because I was born from the broken worlds tainted by those tragedies. .....How about you two?" Bernkastel stared at two shadows laying on the floor. They could hardly be seen, since many of her kitten minions were feeding on whatever they were. They no longer had an human form. "I guess you two can't answer anymore. Afterall, that is the result of witnessing such a thing. I am right? Kamon and...Kokei."

The queen of cats watched as their minions ended the very last of their existence with their bloody fangs, turning everything into red.


WitchBernkastel's Profile Picture
"So, should talk about myself? ...I'm the Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel. In order to satisfy my boredom I have ended up here. Therefore, I hope our meeting can be entretaining, alright?

A witch who have lived for over a thousand years. Known as Witch of Miracles, she has the power of reseting a certain situation over and over again, till the desired outcome is reached, as long as the chances of it happening aren't 0. Although calm and composed most of times, she had a twisted personality and will do anything as long as she can satisfy her boredom. In other words, she may and may not be your ally. She may and may not be your friend. She can be on either your good side or bad side, depending of how much you will entertrain her.

Relationships (More will be added as the interactions progress)


:icongoldenwitch-beatrice: -> The Endless Witch who created the last game I joined. She is a amusing person to play with.
:iconwitch-of-origins: -> The Witch of Origins. Although she is young, she is a powerful witch. And she will probably become even stronger once she learns her own strenght.
:iconmuffinchu:/:iconinvidiam: -> A witch like me, Lady Invidiam is also looking for some entertainment. She is jealous of the fun games other witches have, and isn't afraid to state it. Since I'm fond of her behavior, maybe I should invite her to a game I join next time.
:iconstarfirekicksthebutt: -> Ufufu...since she considered myself her friend...I thought at least for now I should consider myself hers. It might be interesting.
:iconasksnape: -> A different kind of wizard than me, but still a magical being. It is nice to chat with him and we have great chess matches. Also, he makes a delicious tea.
:iconrainbowho-oh: -> She entertains me very much. Also, I like to have a chat with her, sometimes.
:icongojiramatthew: (SpaceGodzilla) -> A being who knows really well how to entertain someone. Therefore, I also must give my best to entertain him, alright? Afterall, both of us don't like being bored.
:iconletsbattle-kotone: -> A really innocent and pure girl. The one who introduced me to this place at first. I thank her.


:iconcantstopcrying: -> A weak-willed boy who seems to be always crying. I acknowledge he is a great actor, though.
:iconzim-the-invader: -> A really amusing being who relates me to a certain girl called 'Stocking'. Although I don't know her yet, he made me interested on the topic.
:iconask-lil-slobo: -> A interesting person. I still prefer his alter-ego, though.
:iconnew-bark-heroine: -> In a peaceful sleep, you shall meet your most beloved one.
:iconyoure-ali-weak: -> In a peaceful sleep, you shall rest be freed from the pain of a human heart
:icongoldenchampion: -> You are just a fool. I have nothing else to say.
:iconlyrakotonesoulplz: -> A third one...I wonder which kakera you came from.


:iconjust-keep-beaming: -> My dearest double who shared over a century of rather sad events with me. Our meetings can be rather entretaining.
:iconrika-furudeplz: -> In the endless Sea of Fragments, meeting the same being in another body, world or setting isn't a impossible thing. It is considered pretty normal. Therefore, she is also my dearest double, who spent over a hundred years with me.
:icondontcallmesilv: -> You are my piece. Give it your best and I may give you advice sometimes. Do not bore me, alright? *giggle*


:iconaboutyourmoney: -> Since you went all out of your way to break my toys, shouldn't I make you my new one...?


:iconwhite-pokemonplz: -> Also my plaything. As my servant she is in charge of taking care of my cute kittens. *giggles*

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